Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Today is one of my favourite American festivities. I have always enjoyed the spirit of this day: giving thanks. If you give thanks, you usually start looking at yourself and reflecting on what your life is and what you have got. Most people tend to think that we value material goods but that is not usually the case. We have asked our students today and most of the notes mentioned family and friends as the elements they were most grateful for. And believe it or not, quite a few mentioned school and their teachers too!

I’m grateful to Mónica, Michael and Kayla for their help this morning. But I want to give thanks especially to all our students who participated this morning. I really liked the way they reacted.

Dressing up the turkey

Here you have a presentation on Thanksgiving Michael prepared for today.

Thanksgiving at Clara


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you Jaime for helping me celebrate Thanksgiving and for such a wonderful blog entry. I was able to share this entry with my family and friends back home to show them why my time at the school has been so rewarding.

    • I’m glad to hear you liked the entry. Your friends and family can be proud of the job you are doing at our school together with your colleagues. Thanks for that too 🙂

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