Last week I read about the death of Lynn Margulis in the newspapers. Who was she? She was a famous biologist and your Biology teacher will be able to explain how her ideas on evolution have changed our concept of evolution and life. But she was also famous thanks to her former husband, Carl Sagan (they were divorced).

Carl Sagan was an American astronomer, cosmologist and science populariser. He wrote several famous science books and was also responsible for a famous TV documentary series, Cosmos. Have you seen a science fiction film called Contact? It starred Jodie Foster and Mathew McConaughey. Carl Sagan wrote the script.

Today I am writing about Carl Sagan because of one of his ideas. He wanted to help people understand the universe better. He wanted people to realize how small the Earth was in comparison with the Universe. When NASA launched Voyager space missions to study Jupiter and Saturn, he helped write a message any intelligent extraterritorial forms or future humans could understand: The Voyager Golden Record. He also asked NASA for a picture of the Earth at a distance of 6,000 million  kilometres as the Voyager I was about to leave the Solar System. That picture was named The pale blue dot and inspired Sagan the following reflection ( available here, subtitled in Spanish):

I hope you like the video. Feel free to make any comments in English or in Spanish.


2 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. You’re right, this does put things into perspective.

    I brought a Carl Sagan book with me, called “The Dragons of Eden.” I haven’t finished reading it yet, but you can borrow it if you’d like.

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