100 years of Wegener’s theory: the Continental Drift

On the 6th of January of 1912, Alfred Wegener, a German scientist, exposed one of the most brilliant and important theories ever presented to society, the “Continental Drift” theory –the continents are slowly moving around the Earth-; this theory can be compared with Darwin’s Biological Evolution or Pasteur and the origin of illnesses, and as it had happened with Darwin and Pasteur, his ideas weren’t accepted at the beginning.

Wegener was an astronomer, geophysicist and meteorologist and wasn’t a laboratory scientist but a field one and he participated in several expeditions in Greenland and in the Arctic. He died in 1930 during an expedition in Greenlandand; his body remained in the ice…

Nowadays, the Continental Drift theory is one of the foundations of Plate Tectonics theory that allows us to explain all the things that occur in Earth like earthquakes, volcanoes and formation of mountains.

This year, 2012, has been declared the “Year of Wegener” by the scientific world, so several events will be prepared along the year like conferences, exhibitions, etc. In our school an exhibition about Wegener’s life and his theory will be prepared by the Biology and Geology Department.

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