Kirigami Zoo

Take part in the  Kirigami Zoo Project at Clara Campoamor High School!

We will make a zoo with paper animals using  kirigami (the art of paper cutting). Kirigami and origami are forms of paper art that come from Japan. The major difference is that in Origami, you fold paper  whereas in kirigami, you fold and cut paper.

Have a look at Alphapet to check the whole process.

You just have to follow the instructions from the art worksheet “Making Kirigami animals” :

  1. Choose an animal from the list.
  2. Draw into the box a visual texture suggesting your animal´s skin, fur or feathers.
  3. Print  your animal pattern ( animals_patterns ) and paste it on the back of the worksheet matching the box.
  4. Cut it out with the scissors following the cut line (continuous guidelines). Don´t forget that dotted lines are folding lines, do not cut them out.
  5. Build it up.
  6. Stick eyeballs to add an expression to your animal.

Don´t forget  that we will make an exhibition!


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