Barnes & Noble

I just read this fascinating article in the New York Times from January 28th, entitled ¨The Bookstore´s Last Stand

Barnes & Noble is the only chain bookstore still existing in the United States.  Last year, the other remaining nationwide chain, Border´s, went out of business and closed all of its stores.

When Barnes & Noble rose in popularity in the States during the 1970s, it was criticized for shutting out and taking business from the mom-and-pop bookshops (bookshops that are privately started by a few people and not part of a large company or chain). That said, Barnes & Noble stores are very large and inviting, a place where you can browse, have a coffee, and find a wide selection of books.

Now, in the digital age, more people are reading their books on e-reading devices, like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook.  As Barnes & Noble has entered the e-reading business, while still continuing its print publishing roots, it’s the publishing industry’s greatest hope.

Read about what Barnes & Noble is doing to innovate, change its stores, and remain a player in both e-reading and printed books.


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