Learning languages is as easy as pie

Our school offers our students English and French. This year we have started a German workshop and the students are very motivated (there is even a waiting list). In the past we had Giuliana, a Comenius teacher students, and could offer Italian lessons. Students also study Classical Greek and Latin. So why do most people say that learning a foreign language is difficult? What problems do most of our students have while struggling or fighting with English or French?

Your teachers would like to know your opinions. Talk to them! Today’s video comes from the BBC and displays a 20-year-old university student who is fluent (meaning ‘he can talk properly’) in 11 different foreign languages. The languages he can speak are not easy at all: Greek, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Afrikaans, even Catalan…

You can watch the video from the BBC website here.

Your teachers expect you will find the video and his example inspiring… In the future we should try to be able to speak at least two languages and our mother tongue. And believe it or not, most young people in other European countries do already…


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