The Three R’s

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

These are the three R’s. Our school wants to be greener and this week we are celebrating activities with the objectives of making teachers and students:

  • reduce their water and electricity consumption and the rubbish we produce,
  • reuse objects if that is possible, and
  • recycle as much rubbish as possible.

These objectives are never easy to fulfill but there is much at stake: our Earth.

What is your carbon footprint? Here you can calculate it. There is a version for children here.

There are thousands of things which can be done to reduce our consumption and waste. In this fantastic American website you can explore and read on how to help save our planet.

But maybe you like simulation games too. If so, there are two funny and interesting interactive websites you might like to explore:

Recycle City ( – Click on the buildings and you can find out how workers and people recycle a lot of waste.

Dumptown City ( – Become the manager of the city and try to recycle without losing your job 😉


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