Art portfolio

Congratulations everybody!

You´ve worked hard in the Art workshop and there is nothing like doing a nice portfolio to show off your artistic talent.

What do you need?

  • Red folder with a fastener (provided by your art teacher).
  • Free-technique cover on white card DIN-A4. Think of a personal image for the cover of your portfolio. You can chose between these art techniques: tempera paint, colored markers, crayons, collage, photography, printed image… Don´t forget to add ART PORTFOLIO, name and surname.
  • Glue-stick
  • Hole punch
  • Printable unit_title_pages. Feel free to custom them with images or letters.

How to make the portfolio:

  1. Make the cover and paste it on the folder with some glue stick: Use your ruler to center it.
  2. Print the unit title pages on colored DIN A4 paper. Click here to download them in your computer.
  3. Arrange your drawings in order according to this index. Don´t forget to include the unit title pages.
  4. Arrange the pages with the widest margin (2 cm) on the left side.
  5. Use a hole punch to drill two holes centered in the widest margin.
  6. File down the worksheets in the folder.

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