Móstoles’ First Annual Bilingual Day and Spelling Bee

Last year we hosted our school’s first Spelling Bee during the first year of our Bilingual Program. Our students trained for many weeks and we had an enjoyable and motivating final competition. We knew at the end of last year that this was an event worth continuing, so we set our sights on continuing as a tradition.

Flashback to last year, when we had our first Spelling Bee.

This year, we scaled our ambitions towards making the Spelling Bee an inter-school competition and Bilingual Day. Our Móstoles institutional partners, IES Antonio de Nebrija, IES Juan Gris, and IES Velazquez, came to IES Clara Campoamor to compete in the Spelling Bee final, with separate rounds for first and second year ESO students. Language assistants read the words for students from their respective schools, and the bilingual coordinators served as the judges. The students were nervous but did an excellent job spelling some difficult words in English!

Poster advertising the contest.

After the Spelling Bee the groups attended different workshops, including one on stop-motion animation and another on dyeing. These activities were designed to provide enriching English activities for students, offering new skills and ideas.

First-year students watch in support as their peers compete.

We thank everyone, especially Michael, Kayla and Jaime, who made this day possible, all of the students for their participation and support, and look forward to continuing the collaboration into the future!

More pictures available here…

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2 thoughts on “Móstoles’ First Annual Bilingual Day and Spelling Bee

  1. Congrats to such a wonderful team of educators, starting with Jaime
    Kayla & Michael, you have made such a positive impact on the youth of this privileged and unique school, Clara Campoamor!

  2. Marvellous, emotional and amazing competition!! I really enjoyed the whole day!! Our children were brilliant, and fortunately our dear Pablo (2nd A) won in an epic battle till the very last moment for the glory of our school!! Thank you very much Jaime for your initiative, Mike and Kayla for your effort and all of you for your commitment!! Big kiss!! Susana 🙂

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