The Lego States of America

Who does not love Legos? The tiny toy bricks were a staple of my childhood. Now, artist Jeff Friesen used Lego bricks and people to create an image of all 50 United States.  See them here for yourself (you can click on the picture to see a bigger image, and read about it):

Some of the images are funny and creative.  I personally liked the Wizard of Oz tornado for Kansas and the Pennsylvania one with the movie boxer Rocky eating a Philadelphia cheesesteak, which is a famous food in the state.



Other images showed places or items that make a state famous, while still being funny. For example, New York had a Statue of Liberty that was fishing, and Wisconsin, a state with lots of dairy farms, had cheese growing from trees.



Other states featured puns, or jokes about words. One that you may not understand is Ohio, my home state. The picture shows two people playing on swings, one wearing red and one wearing blue. What you probably don’t know is that Ohio is called a “swing state,” because it is one of the most important states in the US political elections between Republicans and Democrats. 


Look at all the states, and let us know in the comments which pictures you liked the most. 



2 thoughts on “The Lego States of America

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    I’m Younes. I was just wondering if this is the school that is located in sevilla ?

    I am asking because I will be visiting your school early next month And I would like to get to know some of you !

    • Thanks for visiting our blog. We are located in Móstoles, a town twenty kilometres south-west of Madrid. I a confident you will have a great time in Seville!

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