Hi from Flora!


Hi everybody, my name is Flora and I am one of the language assistants at Clara Campoamor this year. I have already had the pleasure of meeting some of you already but for those I haven’t met I thought I’d post this little introduction about me on the blog (I tried to include pictures but they all got deleted ūüė¶ so pictures to follow when I’ve worked out how to blog properly!). I’m from Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. I studied Linguistics at the University of York between 2011-2015 and just graduated this summer. I love music (anything and everything, except heavy metal!) and sport. Football and tennis are two of my favourite sports and I used to play both regularly. I’m on the lookout for teams to join in Madrid so if anyone knows anything let me know! Living in Madrid I understand that one of the most important questions in the world is ‘do you support Atleti or Real?’ so here goes…. I am a massive Real Madrid fan. Sorry to all the Atleti fans out there (though if it’s any help I would support Atleti over Barca any day….). I’m really excited to meet you all so if you see me around school please come and say hi and ask me any questions you may have.

See you around!


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