Halloween 2015

Ingredients for a horror story?

Mystery, suspense, blood, murderer, a young girl dressed in white, a haunted house, a deep dark forest, etc.

These have been a few of the answers given by our students. However, their two-sentence stories have proved to be some of the scariest their teachers have ever read.

Well done!

Soon you will be able to read some of their stories on our blog!

Until that gory moment… ūüėČ here you have a Halloween¬†crossword:

 Across  Down
1. These are found in the corners and ceilings of a haunted house.

7. A witch’s pet. (5-3)

11. Bloody and gross.

12. A monster made from bones.

14. A monster from Egypt.

16. Another word for scary.

18. She wears black clothes and rides a broom.

21. It looks like a mouse but much bigger.

22. What kids wear on Halloween.

24. The creature that makes cobwebs.

25. Have a ghost inside

27. The Cyclops has one

31. What you get on your skin when you are scared.

32. These slam shut or creek open.

33. Witches ride this.

34. Vampires hate this.

35. Another word for strange.

38. October 31st.

39. What a ghost says.

40. A big black bird.

41. A monster with stitches on his face.

45. What children carve.

46. The month of Halloween.

48. Sharp teeth.

1. What children get at Halloween.

2. Flying animal found in haunted houses.

3. The kind of bullet you need to kill a werewolf.

4. A place with many tombstones.

5. Where you get goose bumps.

6. The weather around haunted houses.

8. The walking corpse.

9. The colour of blood.

10. Dracula

13. You can hear these in the hallways of a haunted house at night.

15. Little animals with long tails.

17. This wears a patch and has a sword.

19. This wears bright colorful clothing.

20. A big black pot that witches use to make potions.

23. The kind of light that vampires hate.

26. The monster __________ the stairs.

28. What vampires drink.

29. The time when werewolves come out.

30. What kids say on Halloween.

31. Something that haunts houses.

36. A monster that changes from human to wolf.

37. Makes me scared; gives me the ___________.

42. A monster from space.

43. The opposite of good.

44. Frighten.

47. A night bird.



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