Halloween short stories 2015

Here you have some of the scariest stories ever written! Thanks to all the students who wrote them and congratulations.

” I went to visit my grandma’ s house. When I arrived, I saw the door open.  I didn’t remember her tomb wasn’ t locked” (Claudia Grandys 3 F)

“My brother told me to ask my mother about my life but she said she didn’t talk to spirits”

(Sandra Fernández and Elena Brito 3F)

” My daughter didn’ t stop crying at night. I visited her grave and asked her to stop but it didn’t help” (Olivia Mazoni 3F)

“I can’t sleep” she whispered as I went into bed. I woke up hugging the dress in which she was buried ” ( Daniel González 3F)

“I was dancing feeling the music. I bent down to pick up my watch.  Nobody had legs”(Emelia Eribe 3F)

To be continued…


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