Global Classrooms Mock Conference

For the past few months, two groups of 3˚ESO students at Clara Campoamor have been busy acting as UN negotiators. They are participating in the Global Classrooms project, which is a simulation of the United Nations. In January, students from all over Madrid will meet for a conference to debate the topic of how to expand the role of women in governance around the world. Each pair of students is assigned a country to represent, and they must research what that country has done to help improve women’s rights. The goal is that all of the different delegates will work together to propose solutions for increasing women’s representation in government.

Our students have been working very hard researching their countries’ views on this topic and practicing their public speaking skills in English. Yesterday, they traveled to a neighboring high school, Juan Gris, for a mock conference. Students gave speeches in rooms full of 50 other people, debated various strategies for improving women’s education and job opportunities, formed alliances with other countries, and wrote resolutions to help expand the role of women in government around the world.

While only 10 students from Clara Campoamor will be able to participate in the final Global Classrooms conference in January, all of our students performed very well at the mock conference. If you see them in the hallways, be sure to tell them congratulations! Also, give a special thank you to Mercedes, Antonia, Ángeles, Jaime, and our colleagues at Juan Gris for helping the conference run smoothly and taking pictures.

Here are some photos from the mock conference. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Global Classrooms Mock Conference

  1. Great experience! Thanks to the students, the assistants and teachers who made this possible. Thanks to Jessica who is the soul of the project this year! Congratulations!!!!

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