More on Global Classrooms

As Mercedes wrote the other day, ten students from 3˚ESO recently participated in the Madrid Global Classrooms conference. This was the culmination of a project the students have been working on since September.global_classroom

“But what is Global Classrooms?” you may be asking yourselves. Global Classrooms is a model United Nations project designed to engage students in global issues while having fun, practicing English, and interacting with students from other bilingual high schools throughout Madrid. Each pair of students represents a country and participates in a debate with other countries to find a solution to a global problem.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.07.46 PMThis year, the topic of debate was Expanding the Role of Women in Government, and our students represented the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Turkey, Guatemala, and Lebanon. Students thoroughly researched what each of their countries has done to improve women’s education, jobs, and roles in society. They then wrote a “Position Paper” – a formal essay detailing their country’s perspective and recommendations on how to improve women’s roles in governments around the world.

At the conference itself, students had to give an “Opening Speech” (a 90 second speech addressing all of the other countries), discuss and debate why expanding the role of women in government has been difficult to achieve, and write “Resolutions” (their suggestions for how the countries of the world should work to solve the problem).

Mercedes and I are happy to report that our students were excellent participants in the Global Classrooms conference. They participated often in discussion, worked collaboratively with other delegations, and took on leadership roles in the writing of resolutions.

Check out these photos of the conference! Again, congratulations to all of the students who participated!

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