Spelling Bee 2014



I am excited to announce that the 2014 spelling bee will be held at IES Velázquez next May 14th. Thanks to all the other bilingual coordinators and teachers who are preparing the finals and workshops for the participating students.

Please find here the list of words for each year. Only students in the bilingual sections are expected to study the lists for Social Sciences and Biology.

Spelling Bee – 1st year

Spelling Bee – 2nd year

Spelling Bee – 3rd year

Our school finals will be held at our school in the first week of May. Two students will be chosen in each group and five students in total per year will represent the school at IES Velázquez. Have a look at the list and revise the vocabulary items. You may be one of the happy few! 🙂



Two Spanish Olympic athletes visit our school

As in previous years, two former Olympic athletes (judo and volleyball) visited our school and talked to our 1st-year CSE students about the Olympics and the Olympic spirit. After a brief historical explanation of the first Olympic Games held in Greece and the Olympic truce, they discussed more recent Games (Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Sidney and Beijing) and great sportspeople such as Jesse Owens.

The talk was very interesting and some of the videos were also very moving but the two parts our students and teachers enjoyed best were when our Olympic athletes spoke about their personal memories in the Games and when they showed the equipment other sportspeople used in our gym and asked a few of our students to give them a try. We hope you will like the pics at least as much we enjoyed the morning.

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For Fun:

Ancient Greeks: The Olympic Games.

Test your knowledge of the Olympic Games here or here.

The official website of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Spelling Bee

Last Friday, May 11, we had the final of our spelling bee contest at our school.
These contests are extremely popular in the USA and children like taking part in them. One of our American language assistants won the spelling bee at his school when he was a bit younger and suggested it to the teachers at our Clara. We thought it would be a perfect excuse to get our students to revise vocabulary of the subjects they are studying in English and we agreed. We prepared a list of words (Spelling Bee final list) and asked our students to master the difficult spellings 😉

Out of 166 students, 18 students managed to win a seat in the final.

The finalists, Michael and the audience
The judges voting

The competition was tough. There could be only ONE winner. Our winner was Antonio (1st-year E) and he got a book as a prize for his skills at spelling. He’s definitely the best spelling bee at our Clara this year. We also gave one special prize to the best spelling bee in each class. They got one homemade bookmark celebrating our first spelling bee contest (thanks to Michael).